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By now, most everyone knows about the term “going green” and why it’s so important. So rather then explain it again, we would rather explain why it’s so important in the printing industry and some of the steps we’ve taken to do our part.

To us, “going green” is much more then recycling our plastic bottles. We see it as an elected responsibility which can improve harmful and thoughtless methods that were used in the past and pride ourselves in leading the way with new, innovative ideas and programs that will benefit the well-being of our environment. There are ways to achieve an eco-friendly production of labels without forfeiting quality, cost, or time and we are willing to put that effort in. With our continued goal of improvement, along with updated technologies, we find ourselves on the right track to better living. Below are some of the projects and areas of improvement that separate us from the competition.

Eco-friendly Projects:

IMG_0394-editedLiner Recycling
Release lining refers to the material that the label itself lies on. It’s coated with a release agent that allows the label to peel with ease. After jobs, you are simply left with an abundance of release liner. All businesses are now under pressure to improve their sustainability performance and by recycling these liners it diverts waste from landfills, thus providing a great solution. Tests have shown the recycled-content liner performs just as well as original material.

Sustainable Stock
Let us help guide you in choosing material that is environmentally friendly. We offer paper with a 30% post-consumer waste and film that break down over time. This improvement can be made without jeopardizing the quality of the label.

IMG_0434-editedWater Based Inks
We are proud to say that most of our major inks are water based. While water based inks were certainly not the most popular inks in the past because of manageability and cure time, advances within the industry has improved on the issues. This has allowed us to put more use to water based and slowly phase out other harmful inks. These unsafe ingredients, usually found in plastisol inks, are an environmental hazard and have been linked to hormonal problems in children, amongst other medical disorders. Our goal is to continue to phase out these inks and hope that other companies like ours will follow suite. Water based inks do not affect the quality of print so we see this as a permanent solution to the disbandment of harmful inks.

_05D7775-600pxRelease Liner Solutions
One of the many ways we can help you and the environment is analyzing your release liners. Unfortunately, the release liners end up in the waste stream, but as noted above, we are one of the few companies that recycle them. If recycling your liners is not an option for your company we can work with you to minimize your environmental impact. By selecting thinner liners of film we can reduce waste, shipping stocks, and size of physical inventory.