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Label King has catered to a variety of industries since we were first founded more than ten years ago. We specialize in anything from food and beverage products to shipping, identification and everything in between. Here is a closer look at some of the industries we service:

We will draw your customers in with a colorful product label that grabs their attention and you will gain their loyalty with the product inside. It’s the perfect team effort!

Let us separate you from the competition with fantastic quality and help you choose a material that will withstand any temperature change or moisture exposure.

Your product label is the last way to market to possible customers and many decisions are made based on the presentation, appeal, and quality of the label. We can assure your art and information will be reflecting the unique product inside.

From shipping labels with your company information on it to identification labels that explain important facts, we cater to any necessity.

Consumer Products
We can help choose a material and adhesive that will withstand any chemical exposure. Let our professionals help guide you in your decision to find the right fit.

Direct mail, news notes, coupons, stickers, and more all fall under promotional needs. We assure you your message will be seen with clear print and bold color.

With so much dependency on the information provided on the label, it’s imperative that a vivid and comprehensible print is produced. Companies should expect no less than perfection when relaying important information to their customers.

For some jobs, it’s vital that certain security labels are used to acknowledge tampering or other informal properties. We deal with anything from destructible, to scratch proof, to dissolvable labels, and more.

Other Markets
Give us a try. With over ten years of experience there isn’t much we haven’t seen so request a quote today!